Eco Conscious Custom Bouldering Bucket

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Designed to improve your climb. Made in Canada.

You can now customize your bouldering bucket and let your personality shine through!

Kanga Buckets feature a magnetic closure with pull tabs for easy access to your chalk. The square base prevents the bucket from tipping and keeps your chalk inside the bag.
The tape/ring holder on the side creates extra room in the pockets for other essentials.
A large zipper pocket fits brushes, exercise bands, phones, nail clippers and more!
Elastic brush holder and brush holder slot in front pocket included.

Custom Image:

Use our customization tool to create your own custom Boulder Bucket. 
We recommend using this background removal app and once you download your PNG image, you can uploading it into our customization tool. Make sure to select remove white from image to get the background removed. 

Have any questions, send us an e-mail! 


Looking to create your own image? Download this template and upload your image.  

Processing time is 8 - 14 days.