Custom Chalk Bag

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We can work with you to design a chalk bag that fits your climbing style. From custom images to stuffed animals, the options are limitless. 

Custom Image:

Please send your custom image to and include the following information: 
Style : *Pouch/ *Cylinder
Zipper: Yes/No
Side Colour: Black/Turquoise

Custom images must have a resolution of 300 ppi in order to ensure a high quality print. 

*Pouch : U shaped bag. The zipper pocket is on the back. Example: White dog bag

*Cylinder: Cylinder shapped bag. Zipper pocket is on the side and is slightly bigger than the pouch pocket. Example: Two dogs side by side bag. 

Once we have received your image, we will crop it to the right size and send it to you for approval before printing. Custom chalk bags take 2 - 4 weeks to process. 

For stuffed animals and other special requests please send us an e-mail!