Eco Conscious Custom Bouldering Bucket

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You can now customize your bouldering bucket and let your personality shine through!  

Kanga Buckets feature a magnetic closure with pull tabs for easy access to your chalk. The square base prevents the bucket from tipping and keeps your chalk inside the bag.
The tape/ring holder on the side creates extra room in the pockets for other essentials. 
A large zipper pocket fits brushes, exercise bands, phones, nail clippers and more!
Elastic brush holder and brush holder slot in front pocket included. 

Custom Image:

Please send your custom image to 

Custom images must have a resolution of 300 ppi in order to ensure a high quality print. The printed area is roughly 20cm x 15 cm. 

Once we have received your image, we will crop it to the right size and send it to you for approval before printing. Custom chalk bags take 3 - 4 weeks to process.