Artist's Chalk Bag - Sloths

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Designed to improve your climb. Made in Canada.

Get lost in the beautiful colours of Cornelia Le Roux's artwork. A local artist from Kitchener, Ontario working with watercolours to bring animals to life. Check out her work here.

Makes a Difference

Chalk bags that make a difference - improving your climb, respecting the environment and bettering the community. Our chalk bags are made to feel great when you reach inside, searching for that extra chalk to work out the crux in your climb. The firm webbing keeps your chalk bag open so you can finish your climb without a sweat. And with their eye-catching designs and fun patterns, no one will have a chalk bag quite like yours!

  • Comes with a zipper pocket on the back for your keys and wallet
  • Smooth closure system
  • Soft fleece to keep your chalk in the bag
  • Comes with a 45" waist belt

Our chalk bags are handmade with the highest quality certified eco-friendly fabric.

  • Organic cotton/hemp cotton canvas, certified SBP® Sustainable Biodegradable Product. The SBP® labels inform the consumer about each step that takes place when a product is made, from the raw materials used to the labor conditions involved.

  • Lyocell Organic Cotton Fleece. Lyocell - a fibre derived from eucalyptus trees & certified OEKO-TEX® organic cotton.

  • 88% Recycled Polyester Spandex

Our product stands up to the test of time - as well as every climb, while also promoting a conscious intentional lifestyle. Along with this, two dollars from every sale will be donated to Escalando Fronteras, an incredible organization empowering at-risk youth through climbing.

* Images are digitally masked, design may vary
** Chalk bags are made to order. Manufacturing time can take 4 - 8 working days